What’s In The Box??? vol. 2

It’s no secret:  I love to try out new products…especially if I can try them for FREE!

It’s also no secret that I follow a lot of blogs and couponning sites in order to find deals and save my family money, as well as new ways to try out new products for FREE. One of those awesome blogs I check regularly is Hip 2 Save, and they recently celebrated a birthday! In celebration,  they partnered up with Squix, a company which offers monthly and bi-monthly subscription boxes for all things related to cleaning and “fighting germs”, in order to give their new subscribers a special gift… A free Q box filled with awesome products (that I got to customize), as well as a fun birthday goodie bag with lots of party favors and a gift card for 47.50 off my next order from Squix!

Normally this box of awesomeness would’ve set me back about $14.95 + $4.95 shipping, but because of the awesome birthday deal from Hip 2 Save, I only had to pay shipping!!!

And for $4.95 shipping, I won… This thing seriously came in 3 days.

So, here’s what was in my very first Q box:20160823_153620

Most of this stuff is self-explanatory.

The Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer are kind of like staples in our house, but these were the featured products of the month, so hey–why not?

I do want to point out that the new Softsoap Antibacterial hand soap that they included in my box does NOT contain triclosan, which has been linked to the development of allergies in humans and antibiotic resistance in some bacteria, among other potentially harmful side effects.  Softsoap Antibacterial’s new active ingredient is Benzalkonium chloride (1.33mg in 1mL), which is supposedly less harsh than other antibacterial chemicals…

The new products in my Q box that I was really excited to try however were the Eat Cleaner all natural fruit and vegetable wash, and the Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox all purpose disinfecting spray.

Truth be told, I haven’t yet used the fruit and vegetable wash…I know, I should be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. But since Twigg has started back to school, things have gone back to the original rushed chaos, so most of the veggies  and fruits we are eating have been previously frozen or canned. at least we are eating them! Dont judge!

But seriously, I want to talk to you all for a minute about Mrs. Jones’… This Soapbox CLEAN spray stuff is the bee’s knees… and kind of literally.

Mrs Jones

It is hand-made with it’s own proprietary blend of lavender, lemon, lemongrass, bergamot, and tea tree essential oils, so needless to say, it leaves every surface you use it on smelling fresh, and clean, and relaxing. It’s like aromatherapy in a cleaning bottle!

Not only that– it cleans, disinfects, and also cuts through tough grease. It does all of that without any harsh or toxic chemicals. The ingredients are seriously water, vinegar, borax,  castile soap and essential oils. So I don’t have to rinse the stuff off after i use it to clean off the kitchen table or the highchair.

And can we talk for just a minute about how heavenly this stuff smells??? I love it, my kiddos love it…even my husband commented on how nice it smells! They all want to help clean with it! That earns an A+ in my grade book.

Normally, a bottle of this is $9.99 on the Squix site…and I feel it is worth every penny. But thanks to Squix and Hip 2 Save, I got this FULL SIZED BOTTLE for only $1.24!!! You can’t beat that for value.

I will definitely be ordering this product in the future…as well as the other awesome, eco-friendly cleaning products made in the USA by Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox company!

So overall, my Squix subscription box did not disappoint. I can’t wait to see what new and awesome cleaning products will come in next months’ box! Thank you to Hip2Save and Squix for such an awesome deal on a very cool cleaning product subscription box!

You can get your own subscription box by clicking my referral link here: https://www.squix.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/9345/  

You will get 50% off your order when you enter my referral code at checkout:


and I will get referral points I can use towards getting more cool FREE products from Squix!

Happy cleaning, readers!

Disclaimer: Hip2Save, Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox, and Squix do not know about my blog or this review, and I did not receive any free products or other compensation for my review. These are all my own original thoughts and opinions based on my trial of their service and the products contained in my subscription box.  Also note that while Squix does offer a lot of natural and eco-friendly products, not all of their products are as such. Please do your own research and please review and consider each product’s ingredient list before purchasing any item. This is good advice for life in general. 


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