Juiced Up

The other day, a seemingly innocuous package showed up on our doorstep. This plain, brown cube presented itself to my children more than a mild curiosity. Being that Christmas is almost a month away, they were intrigued as to what mystery the box might contain. Was it a new toy? Was it a new electronic gadget? Was it the latest video game? Was it some other secret present meant just for one of them?

Imagine the confusion on their faces when we opened the box to find this: IMG_20151119_161717

It’s our latest Bzz Campaign from Bzz Agent!!!  That’s right, #GotItFree!!!

Just in time for the holidays, we get to try the new Tropicana Vitamin C & Zinc orange juice! It’s 100% pure orange juice with 3x the Immune-supporting Vitamin C of other orange juices. Luckily my kids love orange juice, so they soon forgot their minor disappointment that there were no toys in the box for them. But would they still love it with no added water, sugar, or preservatives? I of course spared them these details and quickly poured them a glass.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I would be in for either. No added sugar? Would it taste at all like fresh-squeezed juice? Would it be bitter like some orange juices can be? Would my kids spit it out all over the living room furniture and each other?

And the verdict? They couldn’t get enough of it! Sprout guzzled hers down so fast and was soon calling “Mommy. I need more!” Twig and Bean both loved it, too. Unfortunately, Twig sat his glass down and Sprout got to it before he could finish it and drank the rest of it all gone. IMG_20151119_164810

The grown-ups of the house loved it just as much as the kids did. No bitter taste. And No-pulp here means No actual Pulp… not tiny sneaky bits like in some orange juices that claim to be “no-pulp” (Although they do make the pulp kind if you are so inclined to that. I’m sure if you do, you will find it just as delicious), so it’s perfect for mimosas once the kiddos are in bed! Tropicana Vitamin C & Zinc was every bit as sweet and fresh-picked, fresh-squeezed tasting as you’d imagine that juice could be. Never mind all the healthy stuff about it. Needless to say, that carafe did not last long in our household.

But since we did mention the healthy stuff, let me break that down for you, too… For every 8 fl. oz. glass, Tropicana Vitamin C & Zinc is packed with 460% of your recommended daily value of Vitamin C, 10% of zinc, 15% of folate, and 450mg of potassium…all the things to help support a healthy immune system!

Although, on the other hand, that 8 oz. glass does contain 110 calories and 26 grams of carbohydrates (22g sugars). At least it has no added sugar, which is better than some other juice brands I’ve seen. And honestly I would much rather my kids drink this juice than soda (Although I did make them brush their teeth afterwards).

Overall, I give this juice an A for Great taste and lots of healthy vitamins and minerals. We will definitely be purchasing the Tropicana Vitamin C & Zinc orange juice in the future. Thank you to BzzAgent.com and Tropicana for giving us the opportunity to try this yummy juice for free!




One thought on “Juiced Up

  1. UPDATE: Check your Kroger affiliate. If they are having the Buy 5/Save $5 Mega Sale, this Tropicana juice is on that list!!! Mega sale price is $1.99 for the 59 fl. oz carafe. And with the $1/1 coupons they have floating around, makes this only 99 cents each!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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