A New Twist

It’s been 8 weeks since going back to work, and I’d like to think we are all settling into our new “New-Normal” rhythm quite nicely. I’m still working in the float pool, which definitely has it’s benefits. Truthfully, I love it! But since Bean is still exclusively breast fed, and thus I’m still pumping milk once or twice a shift, I feel like I’ve become quite the bag lady with all my paraphernalia I have to drag around to whichever unit they post me at each night.

A mommy’s got to do what a mommy’s got to do though, right?

Case in point, last night. I had taken all of my pump parts out of the bag to wash the day before, and in the rush of trying to get everyone ready and out the door to my MIL’s house before work, I forgot to replace my pump flanges. But I didn’t realize I had forgotten them until I got to the point of the shift where things are settling down and think: “OK, lets go pump before things get too uncomfortable.” Just kidding! I got all the way to the pumping room, and discovered the crucial parts were missing.

So I lasted a few more hours into the shift and thought “Oh, this isn’t so bad. Bean’s been sleeping through the night most nights anyway, I ought to be able to make it until I get home.” Just kidding again! About 3 am, sorry for the TMI, but good ol’ lefty was feeling about to burst! I had no idea how I was going to make it another possibly 5 hours in such increasing discomfort until I could get home and actually nurse. Thankfully, I at least had remembered to throw some extra Kiinde Twist pouches in my bag before leaving the house. These things were lifesavers, let me tell you! I was actually able to (awkwardly, but successfully none the less, and not a drop spilled either!) hand-express an ounce or so out of each side into one of the pouches, just enough to make the rest of my shift bearable.

Ok, what is about to follow is completely my own opinion, but it is totally going to sound like a commercial here, so full disclosure: I actually did NOT receive any Kiinde products for free in order to provide my opinion on them. I however did WIN a Kiinde brand breast pump starter kit ($40 value!!!) for FREE from a facebook giveaway (talk about luck)!!! after using it for the past 8 weeks, I have to say that this system is pure genius! What it is: a system of pump adapters and products which allow you to pump using your own breast pump, any brand, and pump into specially-designed twist pouches that can go directly from pump to bag to fridge or freezer. These filled pouches, which are BPA free, can then be warmed in their own special Kozii warmer and clipped directly into their own unique bottle system, eliminating messy milk transfers and subsequent loss of milk and nutrients. It’s totally amazing and I am totally hooked!!!


My Kiinde Twist kit came with adapter rings to fit most major breast pumps. It fit perfectly with my Ameda Purely Yours Ultra double electric pump, as well as my ol’ trusty Avent Isis manual single pump (although the fittings weren’t as tight and I had to be careful that they didn’t come loose during pumping. Sadly, the adapter rings for the bottles did not fit in the pump when the twist adapters were in use). The adapter rings allow you to connect the Twist bags directly to the pump flanges, and then pump and go with no loss of suction and no leaks! When you’re done, the bags then clip into their own special “bottle” with their own special nipple (pictured in the middle below) that uses “Active Latch technology” to simulate the actual breast when feeding to help cut down on nipple confusion. Additionally, the adapters can be used to attach your own bottle nipples to the Twist bags for direct feeding. This system is truly so versatile!


As if that wasn’t cool enough, my Twist kit also came with a FREE Foodi starter kit, too. This was comprised of special adapters to turn the Twist pouches into food pouches, and a special squeeze bottle so that you can fill the twist pouches with your own homemade baby food! Since Bean isn’t eating people food yet, but Sprout is going through a picky phase and won’t eat her veggies lately, I decided to try it out and puree up some peas and carrots from dinner. Sprout loved it, and it was super easy to use! The Foodi bottle made it easier to fill my other re-useable food pouches, too (ex. orange pouch below is a product by BooginHead which we purchased previously at Babies R Us, and as I found, works very well with the Kiinde Foodi system).


The only downside to this system that I have found is that the Twist pouches are not technically re-useable, creating more waste for our environment. But, I suspect that they may be able to be recycled, which I will check on with my recycling service provider soon. Also, a 20 pack of replacement 6 oz. pouches can set you back about $15 (thus each pouch costs about 75 cents a piece…not exactly the most economical). Thankfully however, the Kiinde website is always giving out coupons which makes them a little more affordable. The pouches and most Kindee parts are also conveniently located at many mass retailers (Target, Babies R US, Buy Buy Baby, etc.) And I was able to use a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond to get my Kiinde Kozii bottle and baby food warmer at a very reasonable price!  The Kozii warmer is equally as awesome. It’s like a little Jacuzzi for your Twist pouch, gently thawing and warming the milk over 5-12 minutes, so as not to destroy proteins or nutrients, and without creating “hot-spots” which could cause burns. It’s so easy, Twig has even been able to use it to warm up bottles for Bean, and help Daddy out when Mommy is at work! You just fill it up with a few cups of water every so often and go. No worries… Ok, no worries, except if you have a cat. I’ve had to try to figure out a way to keep our menacing cat from drinking all the water out of the reservoir. This was the only real downside I found to the Kozii…no cover. But a 1 cup measuring cup works pretty well for us to keep him out.)


Seriously. Easy.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out all the products those little geniuses at Kiinde have come up with at: https://www.kiinde.com !!!

Obviously, we love it! The Kiinde system has been a game changer and a life saver for me when it comes to pumping at work; And I am beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to try this out for FREE from the facebook giveaway! Thanks, Kiinde!!!


One thought on “A New Twist

  1. ***Edit: It is the 40 pack of Twist pouches that costs $14.99 in most stores, not the 20 pack. This would actually make them around 38 cents a pouch. Sorry for the error. Mommy brain can’t math today. LOL!

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