Creature Comforts

As of last Saturday, I’ve officially gone back to work. And for my first week back to work, at a hospital, in the middle of Influenza season, I’d say it went rather smoothly. It was nice to be back at work, interacting with people, and putting my patients in the best place for healing. And it’s nice to know that I’m earning my keep again… but it’ll still be 2 weeks before I get my next paycheck. Things have gotten a little tight. I’m not worried though. I keep thinking of the old hymn we used to sing in church when I was a kid:

“…All I have needed Thy hand hath provided—“Great is Thy faithfulness,” Lord, unto me!”

Whatever you believe in, you will find that it’s the truth. Things always have a way of working themselves out for good, and the things you need always have a way of being provided. You just have to have faith, work hard, and stay positive.

Case in point: a couple weeks ago when we were nearing the end of our diaper stockpile (which is not hard to do considering our two girls, Sprout and Bean, are both in diapers). Now, I commend and  applaud any brave parent who uses cloth diapers. It is much easier on the pocketbook, and much better for the environment, but it is a great amount of hard work. I’ve tried it, and I’ve found that we can’t make it past a day. I mean, I can barely keep up with a weeks’ worth of dirty clothes for the five of us, much less one day’s worth of cloth diapering for two babies! So, ‘sposies it is for us…and last week, we were just going to have to find a way to stretch what we had until my husband got paid again. That’s when I got an email from, inviting me for a new campaign from Kroger to try out their Comforts For Baby brand of diapers and wipes…for FREE!!! So, I hit accept, and a few days later, I got my awesome Comforts BzzKit in the mail, complete with a FULL free pack of wipes and a coupon for a FREE pack of Kroger Comforts diapers or training pants, plus some extra coupons to hand out to family and friends. Needless to say, I was super excited!!!


Comforts brand Wipes: These wipes come in a 72 count pack for $1.67 (they also have larger-count refill sizes). Occasionally you can find an e-coupon to load onto your Kroger-Affiliate shopping card for 50 cents off. Either way, this is very economical for something you are going to basically just throw away. Comparatively, they are thicker and with more surface area than other leading brand wipes. They are a bit more rigid and less soft than Pampers or Huggies wipes, but they are still hypoallergenic and did not cause my girls any irritation. They were however very durable, and able to handle messes just as well as the other brands. 

Comforts2A (5)

Overall grade: A for value and quality. I will definitely be buying these in the future!

Comforts brand Diapers:  When I got my Bzzkit in the mail, Kroger Affiliate just so happened to be in the middle of an awesome sale where, if you purchased $40 worth of baby products in their store, you would receive a $10 off your next purchase catalina at the checkout. Plus, I had previously loaded a $2 off any comforts diapers pack e-coupon on my shopper card, so I decided that I would try them out on both my girls for this little experiment.  Again, this campaign couldn’t have come at a better time financially! The small packs are about $5.99 and the boxes are about $13.99, and the count sizes are either comparable to, or have more diapers in them than the leading competitors. I liked this right off the bat, as we normally use Pampers for the girls and have to shop sales and use coupons just to make it even halfway affordable. So, I bought a pack each of the comforts diapers in size 2’s and size 5’s. I also bought a box of size 6’s and a box of size 3’s to have for later, and a couple packs of wipes. So, with my free coupons, store sales and e-coupons, I made out with all of that for around $23 out of pocket. Plus, I got the catalina coupon for $10 off my next purchase, which I used to buy groceries for dinner! Woot woot!

Out of the pack, I liked how the Kroger Comforts diapers were soft, and how they had double elastic leg gussets and elastic waistbands, like other leading brands. The pack even said they would work for 12 hours. So I put them to the test that very night. I did find that they really were very absorbent diapers in both sizes, and worked very well overnight…at least when it came to urine. The diapers wicked away the moisture well and kept it away from their skin to avoid irritation. The disappointing part came however with stopping poop leaks. You see, our little Bean is just 2 months old and she is very exclusively breastfed. So every time she poops, it is an abundant orange liquid gusher. And every time she wore these Kroger Comforts, it would leak (read: EXPLODE!) out of the sides and way up the back of these diapers. You know what I’m talking about…


At first, I thought sizing might have been an issue after a while, even though she is still in the middle of the weight range for size 2’s. But she, like myself and her sister Sprout, our Bean is blessed with those adorable chunky thighs…so I broke out the box of size 3 Comforts to try, hopefully. Disappointingly however, she still had the same issues with the poop leaks in the size 3’s. *Wah-Wah-Waaaahhhhhh* So, back to the drawing board it was. I donated the rest of the 2 and 3 Comforts diapers to my church nursery and went back to the Pampers with her.

Comforts2A (2)

Overall Grade: C These diapers are good, and very economical, but they just can’t stand up to a breastfed baby bomber bowel movement (which permanently stains clothes like none other)! Otherwise, the Kroger Comforts diapers have so many great things going for them. I will probably continue to use the Comforts diapers for Sprout, since they held up to her poops just fine and worked well all around, and are at a great price. They are also hypoallergenic, and haven’t broken her poor little tuckus out in a rash like with some other brands we’ve tried in the past. I will also probably try the Comforts training pants for Sprout when she decides she wants to give potty training a try, since the other BzzAgent moms seemed to have a very positive experience with them. But when it comes to my youngest little nugget, I can’t afford to ruin anymore of her clothes due to poop-splosions! So, I’m probably going to be sticking with Pampers Swaddlers for Bean until she starts solids at about age 6 months. And, I was still very grateful to have been given the opportunity to sample these diapers and wipes for free, as every bit helps in this economy. Thanks to and Kroger Comforts!


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