Lunch Date!

Like many parents of preschoolers, my kids are going through a picky eating phase right now. Well, honestly they’ve been going through this for a while now and Im wondering when its going to end.

I don’t know what it is, but I can’t get them to eat a vegetable lately to save their lives. Because of this, I’m always trying to find ways to sneak vegetables in their food… Even though I know studies have shown it’s better to just eat the vegetables myself, out in the open, and just set a good example so they’ll eventually develop good eating habits on their own.  But, Like I said it’s been a while and my kids are stubborn (they get it honestly). So, I’m just going to keep trying to find new ways to hide the veggies until this phase is of the past.

One new way I’ve found recently is these Kidfresh “Super Duper” Chicken Nuggets.  They combine antibiotic-free, white meat chicken, and pureed cauliflower and onions into a cute little nugget that gives your kiddos 12g of protein and 10g of whole grains (plus veggies!) in every serving!


The best part? I got these super cheap thanks to my grocery savings apps!

Each box has about 2.5 servings and runs around $3.32 per box at Wally-World. Combine that with a $1.50 off/1 rebate from Ibotta (which you can redeem up to 3 times per reciept), as well as a $1.50/2 rebate from Checkout 51.


Buy 2 packages for $6.64, minus $4.50 in rebates, that’s like paying $1.07/box + tax… or roughly 43 cents per serving!

I paired them with the Kid Fresh Wagon Wheels Mac + Cheese (which is made with carrots and whole grains, too), and a serving of fresh fruit (which they actually WILL eat. Go figure?!) for a more balanced meal. And You know What? They ate every bit of it… and asked for seconds!


One thing I have to say, they may be cheap but these actually taste pretty good! It’s probably the added onions and seasonings? They smell delicious as they’re cooking, too… and come out of the oven juicy, tender, and perfectly cooked after about 12 minutes. The Mac + Cheese was a little bland, but actually not that bad… especially considering that I had received this box essentially for FREE (minus the tax) from a previous rebate situation similar to this current one with the Chicken Nuggets.

Overall, I give KidFresh Chicken Nuggets an A- for taste, and value, and yay for hidden veggies! Nutrition wise, they aren’t too terrible, either. With 130 calories, 4g fat,  and 250mg sodium per serving, they are a lot healtheir than many of the other frozen chicken nugget options out there.

We will definitely be purchasing these again for a quick, easy, and relatively healthy lunch option in the future!

Disclaimer: Other than the discounts I received through Ibotta and Checkout 51 apps, I did not receive any of these products for free, and I did not receive these discounts in exchange for my review. The opinions and photographs in this blog are my own, and based on my experiences with this product. 

Thank you for reading!